Cutting Dies below are from our shop, that we can use to cut
leather we sell to you, in the shapes shown.
Our Shop Dies.....(partial
list) below...for your use!!
9 foot x 3/8" long lace die.... for
any type of leather including
Stirrup Keeper Die
Chain Curb Die Straps... makes 1
This is a Slit Ear Headstall Die
Water Loop Die... comes in 5/8" or
3/4" size... we can cut our harness!
Spur Strap die... makes regular
spur strap, or we can add the
wide piece for tooling, etc.
Little Holster Die....
Key Fob Die... comes in 2 sizes...
next one is a bigger loop... for
conchos, etc.        
We have 3 sizes of circle dies
Originally used for making a menu... this
has shown promise in making a flap for
a purse....
Brass press plate for business cards, etc..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>right... tool pouch
back die... with belt loops...
We charge $38 per hour for die cutting... we can usually cut 75 to 100
pieces per hour, depending upon the size.  We can sell you the leather,
and then cut out all we can get, and send you back your pieces for
further fabrication.  Your not paying freight on scrap, but usable items!  
Call us to discover the possibilities... we have many more dies not listed
yet... more to come.
Rifle Scabbard (sold), Bat Wing
Breastcollar Die, 2 Knife Sheaths, Hide
Die, 2 Sizes of Tapadero Stirrup Hoods....
Dog Collar Die, Old Time Holster Die, and Lace Fringe
Shaped Wear Leather Die (Sold),with
Regular Wear Leather under that,
Rigging Die under that... top right
gang punch for making leather
handles, small leather handle
underneath, and Golden Retriever die
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